Friday, May 11, 2012

Going Away Party

My best friend Khara through us a going away party this past weekend.  It. Was. Fabulous!!!

My sweet girlfriends!

Last time we took a picture like this it said "baby gann 09" haha

My Tana and I

.  Emily and Khara have some cake cutting skills, that was a pretty good heart!
Khara will always have my heart!

Little Emilia Morgan, I recruited her to work for me at Hollister when her and her mom came into the store a long time ago ha.  I picked a good employee and friend I'll tell ya that!

The boys, too bad it came out blurry

That's right people!!! Pink Hummer limo for the night!!!  Khara and Kristin know how to party in style!

Crystal Pistol and Baby Amos

Me and Katie K, we have been friends for 14 years!

Look at James sexy pose haha!
I don't know what these crazy lights are but there's one on Landon's nose ha!

So we were trying to take of picture of our toast but it looks like we were giving Katie all our drinks, and she looks like she just hit the jackpot.
The Original Gangsta they like to call him.

Skinny Girl!
Is this the Jersey Shore!


Our Sassy waitress 

Sisterly love

More sisterly love

We picked up some more people on the way

They have always loved each other!
Now this girl and I have been friends since elementary school! So around 20 years now!
I'll think of you every now and then, I love you and you'll always be my friend!

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