Friday, May 25, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

We got to Dallas at 10:30 Saturday night, needless to say we were tired on Sunday.  I chose the Rain Forrest Cafe for my mothers day lunch.  Surprisingly enough it wasn't that busy and we got right in!!! Actually none of the restaurants were busy that we drove past.
 We would have had to wait at least an hour in Amarillo.

Last year.
The one who made me a mommy!

Mothers day 2011
They came around to all the tables and made the cutest balloon animals!

Brielle wanted a Dumbo of course.  She loves elephants, they are her favorite right now!

We even got to sit by the elephants.  She was pretty nervous being in there though, it was dark and the animal noises scared her.  She would wrap her arms around me so tight (I liked it! may take her scary places more often so I can get some love ha)
She sat in my lap most of the time. 

We went walking around the mall and found us some dessert!

Sunday evening we took my mom to a Hibachi restaurant.  It was no Kabuki but it was good.
Look pink salad dressing....

The guy did lots of cute tricks, Brielle freaked out when he did the fire though. 

I love all the fun little town squares every city has around here.
They all have beautiful fountains and Brielle just loves that!

It's mothers day, we can have 2 desserts today!

My mom is such a strong determined woman.  She does anything she put her mind to!! I love her so much!

Helping Lita open her gifts.
Ok so here's the one who actually made me a mom first.

Once again,
Landon doing something that makes him feel dumb because he knows how very happy it makes me!

He loves his squinty eyed dog!

Who wears short shorts!  Pull those things down!

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