Friday, May 4, 2012

From The Beginning!

We have decided to move to Dallas!  Makes it sound like we just spontaneously decided that ha.  This has actually almost been a year in the making.  We got back from our wonderful cruise last June and were super down in the dumps for about 2 weeks after that, it was just so neat to go somewhere new and beautiful.  We asked ourselves why we live here, we don't have to.  Of course our friends, family and jobs play a huge part in that but we were bored.  Bored of going to the same old places we've been visiting since we were kids, bored of the ugly scenery around here, bored and tired of this dry windy weather.

We love our friends, family and jobs! It's going to break our hearts to leave them but if we don't do it now we will never go.  We have roots here and if we stay any longer they will get too deep and we will never be able to pull them out.  We can't always go but we can always come back!  Landon's work was sooo understanding and he is extremely sad to be leaving them but even the CEO told him if we ever came back he'd have a job with them.  Oh what a blessing that job and those people have been to us!  I don't want to be pulling Brielle out of Junior High or High School, so it's important for us to decide where we want to be for the long term now. 

It has been amazing to sit back and watch God work out all the details.  He has made it easy and made it clear we are making the right decision.  I have peace knowing he will always take care of us! 

Here is our junk, Holy cow did we accumulate so much more since our last move!

Neely concerned, actually she was thirsty...she sits in the tub to try to tell us she needs a drink.

Almost packed

Brad, Kenneth and Trent helping us load up

Ok now she's concerned Ha!  She gets nervous when we pack like we're gonna leave her.

   I had my wisdom teeth taken out the Monday before we moved, then on Wednesday I got severe strep throat.  It was awful, I was hardly any help or packed a thing.
My mom had us over for dinner since I hadn't cooked in days.

Colombian Cuisine!

Landon's parents helped us pack up, they even cleared the driveway of pesky tumbleweeds.
That thing was ginormous!  

My sister Sherry Ann and her boyfriend James helped us so much. She almost cleaned my whole house!

We loved that home and if it was the only house we ever got we would still feel extremely blessed!

This was the hardest thing to leave behind.  How do you leave the house you brought your baby home to!?  Landon and I just stood in her room and cried.  Special memories will forever be in our hearts anytime we look at this picture!  When we brought B home from the hospital and when we showed her, her room she was just in awe.  She was so peaceful, just looking around at all the colors taking it all in.
  Sweetest thing!

Goodbye 6506 Nick St.

My sweet friend Trena spoiled us with food!  She made us a delicious meatloaf, sides and soup.  She is always offering to help me with anything.  She has one of the most giving hearts.
 People always say, "let me know if you need anything"
 sometimes I can't help but feel they are just saying that,
but with Trena...I know she means it!

Of course Khara was right there to help too!  I remember 6 years ago, a month or two before I got married a huge fire broke out in a field not far from my parents house.  They asked people to evacuate ...guess who called me and was super worried about all my wedding stuff and my dress.  My best friend of course.  Khara was already headed to my house to help pack stuff into her big SUV.

Ever since that day when I think of Khara I think of this song!  I don't know any other way to describe her..... ok yes I do...... but this is so her!

You find out who your friends are
Somebody's gonna drop everything
Run and crank up their car
Hit the gas, get there fast
Never stop to think 'what's in it for me?' or 'it's way too far'
They just show on up with their big old heart
You find out who your friends are

.............That's My Khara!

Hart, Kole and Brielle

This is her future husband you know!

We sold our house (for sale by owner mind you) in 2 weeks! 2 weeks! If that isn't God's hand then I don't know what is!  Landon's dad has a rent house right next door to his home.  The lady who lived there had been there for about 10 years.  When all the sudden she just couldn't afford it anymore and moved out a week before we had to be out of our house. So once again the Lord made a way and we were able to move in.  No pet deposit, no neighbors smoking up a storm and it flooding into our apartment, no 30 day notice.  It was perfect!  Only was only 500 square feet haha!

Our new home......

Welcome to our living room/bedroom...there was only one bedroom and we decided to put Brielle in there.  It was a little crammed.

 Society makes you think you need bigger and better all the time....that you've outgrown your house or outgrown your car.  It's so stupid. Now I'm not opposed to moving up and getting bigger and better things, if you can afford it and your doing it for yourself and not to impress or keep up with others.  Lord knows I like my fancy things.  I just don't ever want to get to the point where I think I NEED or DESERVE that stuff.  I can get by with so much less.  We are so very blessed to live in a country where we don't have to!   You realize what little you can live without and how simple things can be when you're forced to live that way. We were just fine too!  Sure I had a couple of moments where I was a little down with adjusting to our new situation and it was annoying not having a dish washer or garage or enough counter space for me to cook on, but it just makes you that much more thankful!

I've always been one to feel extremely blessed and proud to have everything I do.
Others may look at us and think..."your stuffs not that great and your not that rich."
Compared to a lot of people probably not, but I feel rich, not in money...just in everything!
 I'm beyond thankful for all that I have and for all the wonderful people in my life!

 In a weird way Landon and I kinda liked making ourselves suffer a little bit, We don't want to forget what really matters in life, and it's not our stuff, even though I like my stuff.  I wish Brielle was older so she could have learned a good lesson from all this.  Many people do live like this for real and even waaaaay worse.  It would have been neat to point that out to her and have her experience it but know that she is one of the lucky ones who will get a house again....that we chose to live like this, others less fortunate don't.

That darn heater....You know how windy it gets around here...well every time the wind got bad the heater would go out and Landon would have to light it again!  So you know that happened a lot!  Remember, we were living there November through January, worst months for that to happen in Ha!  We're crazy!

Our bathroom slash my closet!

This is normally where the washer and dryer would go, but those were in storage and since we lived right next door to my in laws they graciously let me use their washer and dryer.

Brielle's room...Landon's clothes were in the closet.  This was just our winter stuff, we had to pack all our spring and summer clothes.

Brielle's clothes hung in the corner of her room.

Since there was not bathtub, we bought a storage container and that's what Brielle took her baths in.  Boy are we gonna look back in a few years and just laugh at the ghettoness we lived in!  Can you believe we chose this, we are crazy haha.....actually we're just cheap frugal.

Our storage unit

I do miss my stuff, we worked hard for that stuff!

So if moving once wasn't mother moved to Dallas and my daddy wanted us to move in with him and help with the transition and cause he felt sorry for us living in such small quarters ha.
  After living in a 500 sqft home for 3 months a regular home sounded pretty good.

Dad brought B and I breakfast in bed before we moved again, Hud's my favorite!

Poor James.  We keep telling Sherry Ann he's gonna leave her just so he doesn't have to move her family every 10 minutes haha!

My dad moved into one of the spare rooms and gave us the master.  Their master is huge. considering we lived in a normal house we pretty much had the same set up as the rent house haha.  We were just as crammed.  Only difference is I had a kitchen with tons of counter space, a dishwasher and we were able to put one car in the garage!

Welcome to our living room slash bedroom.
Now my sister still lives at home therefor all the bedrooms were where do you put the two year old.  The master bathroom of course.  I can't help but bust out laughing while I type this.
 It sounds so ridiculous!  Bless her heart...
Brielle I promise someday soon you will have a wonderful room of your own again. 

I foresee about two more moves ahead of us before we get where we're going.  Lord help us.


  1. This made me so sad!! Wahhhhh!

  2. This makes me ecstatic!! Now Kaytie...just pack it up and move to Dallas!

  3. Yes Kaytie! Everybody's doing it ha!


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