Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's time to go!

We were excited that Kaytie and Jake made it into town before we left! Aunt Alpha had us over for steaks and one more family gathering.  

Haha she really doesn't like that guy!

Of course Kaytie and Jake came bearing AWESOME gifts!

B sure loved hers

Can you say yuuumm!

Cooper would not leave Maddie alone, she was annoyed by him ha

Our awesome family

Sweet kiddos!

B had a long day that day, look how sweet she sleeps!

On moving day Landons' mom and her boyfriend brought us lunch,
they must have known how flustered we were.

Finally packed the last important thing and it's time to head off to our new city and
begin a new chapter in our lives!
We were packed to the max!

Stopped at our usual park to stretch our legs.

I love it when he humors me!

It was a long trip for all of us

It's very boring driving all alone.  It took us 8 hrs to get to Dallas,
we just kept making stops cause we were so bored!

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