Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day At Grandmommy and Grandads

I'm not a fan of snow, but snow on Christmas day is AMAZING!
This was God's Christmas gift to us that morning.

He started Christmas day at Landon's grandparents home on his mom's side of the family.
Grandmommy has been sick on and off for some time but that doesn't keep her from doing things she shouldn't like sewing 20 matching aprons for her family and friends for Christmas!

Brielle, Nick and Allie

Allie had taken up the hobby of making things out of duck tape,  she's really really good!
 Here's a wallet she made for her mom.

She even attached a zip lock bag for coins!

Is it present time yet.  So incredibly in love with that little face!

My heart would race every time we got to play our "Left Right" Game!
This family was a trip.  Most of them just  glanced in to their boxes and just sat there.  They didn't  even read what was on the inside... I said..."read whats on the inside."  I think I even had to eventually specifically say "Juquita, read the box!"  She assumed it said something like "too bad try again next time."

And here she is screaming and thrilled once she read what she had won!!!
We knew she'd like it!

Sweet Sweet Grandparents!  We feel extremely blessed to get another holiday with them both!

Time to test everyone's drawing skills,  this time the drawing was a Christmas tree with decorations, presents, a fire place and a mantel.

Hers must have been good lol

I caught Grandmommy at just the right angle while talking to Kaytie on the phone haha!

Beautiful day with my beautiful family!

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