Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Little Family Christmas 2012

Since we were in Amarillo for all of Christmas we waited till we got back to do our family
Christmas on the Saturday after.  It was kinda fun still having a Christmas to look forward to when technically the Holidays were over.

We baked some cookies for Santa. This is the stuff you dream about doing when you become a mother! I'm living out my little dreams with my sweetie, for that I am so thankful!

Then we decorated them as a family.


She insisted Santa get nothing less than chocolate milk!

Milk and Cookies for Santa and of course a carrot for Rudolph!

We had a bunch of junk sitting in this chair and Brielle started taking it off and throwing it on the floor.  We asked her what she was doing and told her to stop making a mess.  She then moved the table in front of the chair.  She was just trying to make a cozy spot for Santa to enjoy is goodies haha.  Sweet thoughtful girl!
First thing we did Christmas morning was check and see if Santa had enjoyed his milk and cookies.
Brielle said "no he didn't eat it" cause we left just a little of the cookie.  We told her he did he just couldn't eat the whole thing but he drank almost all the milk.  She was happy after she realized he did actually enjoy her treats!

Then it was time for stockings(it was my stocking actually, I didn't get around to making her a fancy one like I had wanted to...my pregnancy lazies got in the way) .  She got some chap stick, a hot wheels car, some princess socks .....

and best of all MATER!!! This picture doesn't even describe the excitement and giggles that came out of her when she discovered her Mater!!

Showing off all her handbags she got for Christmas.
A girl can never have too many purses or shoes!!!

Neely had a pretty awesome gift in her stocking as well, every time we walked by her she'd wag her tail in excitement...as if she was saying "thank you sooo much!"

Then Brielle opened her gift from us that was under the tree.
This year she just got one cause she's little and doesn't know the difference.
I think we are going to try to keep it to 3 gifts per kid.

Landon had a surprise gift for her all wrapped up and everything. I had no idea what he got her.

It was Minnie Mouse back pack or as Brielle so sweetly calls it her "Pack Pack."
She was thrilled with her little gift.  She has such a great daddy to go out and find her a gift all on his own that he knew she would love.

Then my mom brought out her gift to B.
Brielle put her head down in disbelief and giggled when she was what it was.
She couldn't believe she actually got the bicycle she had been asking for.

There's even a spot for Bree!

We agreed to not get each other anything for Christmas this year...but that husband of mine doesn't
  obey listen very well!  He got me a gift card for a manicure and a plethora of Starbucks hot cocoas, salted caramel and hot chocolate mmmmmm!

Lita's turn.

FINALLY it was time for Brielle to see what Santa brought her!!!

Too bad the picture is blurry but you can still see the glee on her face!
We had to pry her away from those toys for breakfast.
I love starting new little traditions with my family and I have a few up my sleeve I'm going to start next year when we have two kids to do them with.
One of them is Creme Brulee French Toast for Breakfast on Christmas morning.

I also made a spinach and mushroom quiche....I could eat this kind of stuff all day!
I love brunch style food!

Then it was back to the playroom
I feel so blessed to have a family to make special memories with and can't wait for the years to come with both our kids and the joy it's going to bring us!  Kids just make holidays just that much more fun and special!

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  1. I just LOVE seeing Brielles reaction to all of her gifts! She has the best and most genuine expressions : D Just the sweetest thing she is! Love you guys!! xoxo


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