Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dallas Zoo

Little blog has been a little neglected.  That's cause life has finally slowed down and we haven't had much going on.  We love to stay busy but this break is much appreciated!

While my cousin was in town from Canada we wanted to take her somewhere fun.  We had a couple of warmer days and decided to take advantage of the $5 fall Dallas zoo admission.
I'm sure I've been here but if I have I don't remember.

I love getting to interact with the animals!

This little sucker went around digging in peoples sleeves, coats, and purses seeing what he could find!
He pulled out my moms paycheck, smart birdie!

Juanita admiring the muskrats.

You do and they're BEAUTIFUL!

They have the neatest McDonald's close by done up in zoo fashion of course.  It was kinda like the rain forest cafe, the animals moved and made noises. It was so cute but since it wasn't in the best part of town the people were not and the service was terrible!

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