Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gann Stockings!

We had Sunday brunch at my in laws Randy and Teresa's home.
Teresa made us sandwiches and some delicious cheesy vegetable soup!!!

It also just happened to be mine and Landon's 13 year anniversary since the day he asked me out and our 7 year anniversary since he asked me to marry him! We love December 23rd!

Wants to be just like her daddy.

Randy and Teresa don't really do wrapped gifts.  They do stockings and we love that!
The first few years they stuffed our stockings full of goodies....then the next year or two they stuffed our stockings and also gave us a small box full of stuff that wouldn't fit in our stockings.  Now it's gone to a whole new level........

GIANT stockings and everything still didn't fit haha.  And yes, that's beer next to Landon's stocking.  Not only did his dad and Teresa get him a case but so did kaytie and Jake. He was quite thrilled.  Who gets beer for Christmas ha!

It's half my size!

Brielle took forever taking everything out.  She was savoring every moment.  She got like 6 of the same fruit snacks packs and took the time to look at everyone as if she'd never seen it before and talk about it.
 So sweet.

Since Landon drives for Walmart this was a pretty cool gift she got!

After stockings we opened gifts with Kaytie and Jake on Skype   I selfishly wanted her here with us this year but knew that it would be better if they stayed in Canada.  Jake's mom hasn't had all her boys at home for Christmas in quite a few years and we knew it would be so special for Jake and Kaytie to be there with her, so that made us happy.  I can only imaging how much it meant for his momma to have him home for Christmas!

They got Brielle a Minnie mouse cake decorating kit.  She loved it and kept hugging the box and saying "Thank you soooo much Kaytie and Jake"
There were a lot of parts to it, she begged to open it but we told her she had to wait till we got home.

Don't you just die for this poncho Kaytie got B!!! I want one!
She got me a chunky mint necklace, that I have been dying to get for myself.
I can't wait to wear and want to wear every day!!! Thanks Kaytles!

Here he goes again....

Brielle and Gannpa trying their luck at their lottery tickets.  Gannpa won $20!  I won $5!

In all the commotion we lost track of Brielle.  Apparently she had gone into the bedroom as quiet as can be, shut the door and opened her Minnie cake set haha!  We are gonna have to keep an eye on that girl, she's getting sneaky!

Thanks Randy and Teresa for an Awesome stocking Christmas as always!
You know just what to buy a girl to make her smile!

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