Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Juquita and Kyles Christmas Exchange

Sunday evening Kyle and Juquita wanted to get all their kids together for a small Christmas party and gift exchange.  Brielle had fun playing with Colton who is only 6 months younger than her.  They ran and screamed and played all afternoon.

They had place settings for all of us.

Inside the card with our name on it was our "Elf Name" lol.  Kyle thought that up, what a fun idea!



  We stayed with Landon's mom the whole time we were in town.  It was nice to get some quality time with her and that house of hers is soooo cozy...we couldn't wait to get there every night and cuddle up on the couch! 

Juquita asked for some suggestions on what we might like for Christmas.  Since we moved we have not had any glasses to drink out of.  My set from when we were married was down to less than half the glasses it originally came with and I saw no sense in packing them cause I knew they would get broken unless I used a  TON of bubble wrap.  Not gonna happen so I threw them away.  We've been making due with about 4 Buns Over Texas cups for the past few months, real classy you might say.

Little B loved her leap frog reader from Nonna.

The little pirate, we couldn't stop laughing at how different boys are and how happy a simple squishy sword made him!

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