Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas #5, Grandma Dorothy

Christmas night was technically Christmas #5 for us!  We headed to Landon's Grandmas house on his dads side of the family.
We ate and let Grandma open her gifts.

Kaytie had mentioned how much Grandma liked the watch she was wearing so we all chipped in and bought her one just like it.  Her reaction was just precious when she opened the box.  She knew exactly what it was.   She yelled,  "Kaytie told you!!"  then started to cry, not cause the watch but because Kaytie remembered.
We could tell she was really missing her this year.

Jarrett and Brielle trying to put the dogs new sweaters on.

Since Grandma was the last to find out about the baby we just gave her the box to open as opposed to playing the game.  BEST REACTION EVER!!!
I'm so glad I caught it!  She screamed, jumped(like she always does when she's surprised) and threw the box in the air haha!  She said we almost gave her a heart attack!
Can't wait to see the video!

Kaytie called while we where there and Grandma lost it.  She ran to the corner of the kitchen so she could have Kaytie all to herself (and so she could get some Kleenex) She boohooed almost the whole time they were on the phone, it was so sweet.  Look how excited she is.  She may hurdle a bench to get a picture with Landon but I've never seen her cry over him!! Who's the favorite now Kaytie : )

Snowman drawing game!  (Grandma even invited my daddy, so sweet of her)

Pretty sure Uncle Jake lost ha!

We were super sad to go home....that meant Christmas was over and we'd have to say goodbye to all the ones we love the most.


  1. I didn't know Grandma was crying while we were talking!! Thats so sweet and it makes me so sad! Brielle's outfit is sooo cute.

    1. She was sooo emotional about you! Teresa got b that dress, it's so sweet isn't it!


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