Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kornegay/Thomas Christmas

It's tradition to spend Christmas Eve with my family.  We ate first and then it was on to the big surprise!  I actually got some pictures of this one!  Sherry Ann had the best face here!

My mom was giddy!

Yasmin was confused as she always is with everything ha!
Nobody dropped boxes during the came but they couldn't figure out left from right to save their lives!
 I wanted to kill'em!

And daddy gave mommy the same look he always does in these circumstances lol.

My family would have been quite puzzled by the "Guess The Christmas Tune" game so I found a really cute one I thought they would like that everybody could play.
I had them put paper plates on their heads and I read off directions on what they needed to draw. Of course the directions were jumble to make it more challenging, for instance they had to draw the whole snowman first then go back and add a hat to his head.... wherever that was ha.

It was fun to see their reactions to their terrible drawings ha!
You got points for different things such as the snowman's hat actually touching his head.  Or points for the arms actually attaching to the body.  Whoever had the most won a gift card.


Juanita's was pretty good!

Loving on baby picture.

Colombian Christmas Eve/Story of Jesus song time.

My Aunt Yasmin made this for Landon from Brielle, such a thoughtful idea.

My mom got me the fuzziest blanket.  It's perfect, I hate winter and I am cold all the time no matter what!
   I just can't get warm!

Sherry Ann and James got B this bean bag.  When I showed her the princess one and the cars one online she immediately picked the Lightning Mcqueen ....hands down winner now questions asked.  My sister said "I don't want to get her that one, it's kinda boyish"  I know but that's what she loves!

This was all of us (minus the boys)
We really missed those who couldn't be there with us.... Natalie, Derrick, Kasey, Trent and Colt!

Feliz Navidad!

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