Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve Day

Khara and I met up for Christmas Eve lunch at one of my FAVORITE most missed places....Kabuki!!!

We exchanged gifts, chatted and had a great time catching up.
I'm glad to see she's doing so good!

This was AWESOME........

We attended Christmas Eve service with my family and Landon's mom.  Excited was an understatement.
 The hardest thing about moving is leaving our church and finding a new one.
This is Craig...he stood up to give some announcements.  I was doing ok till he did that, then I was overwhelmed with emotion and sadness remembering all the wonderful times I had at this church and our last one as well.  He was my youth group leader and also married Me and Landon. Very special man he is!

My gosh it was good to be back "home"!!!!

Nothing more beautiful than a candle light service.  I can't make it through one without crying.  This year more than any other I felt so much that Jesus is the reason we do all of this.  I want to make sure to remember him all year and make sure my kids do as well.  Every year I fall more in love with him and realize the sacrifice he made for us and what a miracle this life really is!  I just FEEL it in my heart, a feeling that can't be explained and a love for someone I've never seen before is nothing like anything else I've ever felt.
 I hope everyone comes to feel that someday. 

Nothing else matters but God and our family and friends.

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