Saturday, February 2, 2013


I believe the last time I posted an obsession of Brielle's was last summer when she was in love with the Wonder Pets.  Oh I'm sad those days are over, I loved them too! 
Now we have moved on the bigger and more boyish things lol. 
This child of mine loves herself some cars.
Her train station has been turned into a car station.

I would be a little concerned but she did ask to put bows on all the girl cars the other day.
She also has a small red car that resembles Lightning Mcqueen and she calls it the baby car and says it needs its momma all the time.  So she adds her own girly flare to the mix.

Did you know cars could be put on a conveyor belt.....

and purchased at the grocery store?

We were in the bathroom the other day and she insisted and begged "mom get down that red one" when I pulled the loofa down I understood completely why she wanted to see it so bad. 
I thought Landon had bought this for her and he thought I did.  
Apparently it belonged to my cousin who was visiting.

I just died at the giddiness that filled this little girl at the sight of a Lightning Mcqueen Loofa!

It was knee slapping

Arm flailing AWESOME.  I just love the innocent things that excite these little ones don't you?!

So we went to Walmart to pick up a loofa of her own and a couple other things too. 
I asked her and showed her the princess stuff too....but she insisted on these.......

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