Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good Clean Cleaning

The people that lived here before us really took care of their stuff and this house.....NOT!
This is their fridge they left us...how nice.  It still works but look at the plastic chipping away and the rust!
Landon put it on craigslist hoping to get some money from it and luckily we did sell it to someone whos needed a working fridge for a rent house they were getting, so they didn't' care what it looked like.

Landon scrubbed and scrubbed but couldn't get off the rust, I mean it's been there for months!
I started using Shaklee products a while ago because they are safe for you, your home and environment (and it's not tested on animals)  Best of all they WORK and they are CHEAP!
I got out my scour off that is used on really tough stuff.

It's pink and smells like berries!

TAADAA!  Amazing huh.  I didn't want to get to close to the plastic in case more accidentally chipped off.

Then it was on to my oven...it's the original that was in the house and they never gave it a good cleaning.....who knows how long this has been here........

Looks 10,000 times better!

I saw where someone's kids wrote on their carpet in permanent marker and they used a shaklee cleaner to get it off.  Well since we are getting new carpet I thought I'd give it a try.....I left it for about 3 or 4 minutes and then went back and cleaned it.

Basic H...It's they main cleaner I use for everything!  It doesn't have any scent and is so safe Brielle can help me clean when using it.  You could probably add some natural oils to make it smell pretty if you like a scent, I do so I'm gonna have to test that out.
This can be used on anything from windows, to getting lipstick off cloth napkins, to crayons off walls.

One of these bottles will make 48 gallons of cleaner because it only takes a couple drops mixed with water!!! So not only does it work but it's cheap!  This bottle runs about $11!  For the permanent marker on the carpet however I used it straight on without mixing with water.

This is the disinfectant I use for the bathrooms and toilets and on counter tops after I cook with meats.
My friend Bonnie has all sorts of info and ways to clean on her blog.....you should check it out.  She is such a refreshing person, she's not like anyone else...her house is always super clean, she's extremely organized even with 4 kids and she is very safe/clean when it comes to what she feeds her family and how she takes care of her household!  She has sooo many great tips on almost anything! She didn't ask me to write this, I'm just glad I stumble across her blog!

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  1. THanks Diana for the sweet comments! :)
    And WOW!! What a difference that made. I had to use Basic H on my carpet to get off permanent marker too. It's crazy how it works like that.
    Have a great night!

    Bonnie :)


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