Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Bowl and Art

My friend Melodie had us over for Super Bowl Sunday.
The guys enjoyed the game, Melodie and I chit chatted and the kids played some wii.

Any reason to be festive I'll take it....these were my attempt at football field cookies
The kids sure enjoyed them

Last week we went downtown to the Dallas Art Museum for First Tuesday.

We had much more fun this time cause I knew what we wanted to do and what we wanted to skip as in the museum tour and story time with art.  We did both of those last time and it was very boring for Brielle. Story time with art sounds fun but all it is, is a old lady drawing and describing what she's drawing.  It took forever for the drawing to come together  and the kids were all bored with it.

Since we skipped out on those things we pretty much had the arts and crafts all to
ourselves because the crowd had cleared out.

B made Landon a hot dog ha.

Brielle has never used scissors before.  I've been meaning to get her a pair because I printed some cutting sheets online a couple weeks ago for her to practice on.
I was tickled to death to see her facial expressions while she did it baahaa!
As she cut her mouth would open/close open/close open/close.
So funny, I got good video! I just adore this kid! She makes my life!

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  1. I'm super impressed with those cookie skills!!!


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