Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines 2013

Every year Valentines gets more and more fun.
The older I get the more I appreciate holidays in a different and better way.

Brielle and I went to the Grocery store the day before Valentines, she was super excited when she saw all the flowers and asked if she could buy me some.  Bless her heart but I wasn't going to buy "myself" flowers.  Well that night I told Landon about it so he had her gather up all her moneys (as she calls them) and took her back to get us all flowers.
  She was thrilled to give me mine but even more excited to receive hers from her Dad!
Waiting anxiously for her rose.......

I in love with how much he loves her.

Lita brought her a super cute magnetic doll dress up toy.

Valentines morning we found beautiful gifts left for us by the man of our house.

I wanted to get B some stuff but Landon wouldn't let me. He said this is his holiday and he wanted to get his girls gifts, that melted my heart, such a good daddy!

I had placed Brielle's gifts at her spot at the table.  She didn't know it and you should have seen how pouty she got when I told her she needed to eat breakfast at the table instead of in my bedroom.
She got the biggest smile and her face when she finally agreed and climbed up there and saw everything, then she got a little embarrassed that the was mad in the first place lol!

I love holidays and themed food.
I cooked up some homemade crepes for breakfast with heart apple slices.

For lunch a heart sandwich and apples.  I had filling left from the crepes so I put brown sugar in it to make a caramel dip for the apples.

Valentines punch

For dinner I made cheeseburger pockets, homemade heart shaped french fries and mac & cheese

Dessert was a strawberry pie and chocolate filled raspberries.

My cousin Derrick came into town that night too.  He had a wedding the next day and was staying with us.
He's always sooo thoughtful and brought my mom and I heart shaped boxes of candy, Brielle a valentines puppy and Landon a more manly version candy in a green bag instead of a heart shaped box lol.

I didn't  get any pictures of  me and Landon! Regardless, I love him more than anything!  He is so incredibly good to me and perfect for me in so many ways.  I love him with all my heart!
Happy Valentines Day!

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