Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rock, Paper, Scissors

After our trip to the Art Museum I decided to get B some scissors.  That kept her busy all day long.
She looooved them,
 A little too much!

She drug out every blanket and toy she could find to cut off their tags.  I don't know why she thought she needed to do this or where she came up with it but it's her new hobby now lol.

Love it when my mom does her hair all in curls.

B is always wanting to put on makeup with me,
I saw this genius idea of putting nail polish in an old makeup holder so I tired it. 

She named the colors...glittery, sparkly, strawberry and rosey

She loves it and there's no mess!

Brielle started coming down with a cold/allergies.  I've had been giving her raw honey and cinnamon which seemed to do the trick.  We would also put Vick's vapor rub on at night. 
She decided to sneak upstairs and put it on herself one day...that was a sticky hairy mess, straight to the bath tub after that one!

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