Friday, February 8, 2013

Get Your Bowl On!

Last Saturday we decided to take my mom for an American night out, maybe it's more like Texan idk.
  Can you believe she's never had wings before, or bowled!!!   My daddy bowled all the time when we were little, something she should have tried cause it would have been fun to do that as a family.

Before we left I was spraying some stuff on my shirt to get the wrinkles out.  Of course Breille wanted to help and she asked me if the "baby" was wrinkly lol!

Buffalo wild wings, not a place that Landon and I ever crave but we like it here and there.  My mom was sure she wouldn't like it but ended up falling in love with that place.  She's gonna be like my brother in law Colt and want to eat there every chance she gets ha.

We had to wait FOREVER to bowl since it was bowling league night.  We played games in the mean time.
My moms face after the ball bounced back and almost knocked her in the face ha.

If you concentrate really hard and stick your tongue out you can accomplish anything.........

We sat next to the biggest, loudest idiot in the whole wide world.
  I can't begin to tell you how irritating he was and the goof thought he was sooo cool ugh!  Every time someone on his team knocked down even 2 pins he would HOLLAR "YEEEEESSS" in the loudest deepest voice as if they had gotten a turkey!  Looked like he was there with his brother in law, sister and 6 year old niece, sooo there was no need for him to act a fool, it was family night.  Definitely on something!

Go Constance!  She was sooo anti-bowling and didn't want to go at all, we literally forced her.
By the second game she had caught on and did really well, she didn't want to quit but um it was almost 11, 3 hours past B's bedtime!!

This kid was hyper nuts by the end of the night.  Apparently she doesn't get grumpy when her bed time passes she just goes crazy.

Mom bowled a 20 the first game...see how much she improved,
I always do my best bowling the first game and get worse as the game goes on blah
We had a super fun night showing her what it was all about.

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