Sunday, February 17, 2013

Grams and Pops 50 Years Together!

Grammy and Poppy celebrated 50 years of marriage this year!
We made a trip to Amarillo to celebrate.  I had been pretty homesick missing family and friends for the past couple weeks so I was really looking forward to this trip.  Lucky for me there was a huge windy sand storm that day and I was reminded of why we left in the first place lol.  That cured me for a while at least.

.Aunt Carol did a fantastic job planning the event.

My favorite girls! Now if we could just get Tiff to move to Dallas
we could have ourselves some fun nights out!

How Beautiful is my Chloe!!! I mean look at that outfit.  I just love looking at babies and how absolutely  perfect and flawless they are, beautiful skin, clear eyes, pink lips.  Just perfect!

Sweet Levi and Brielle had so much fun together....

a little to much, this is what they did the whole time, I felt bad for the tables around us who didn't have kids, I used to know how they felt ha.  But what do you do.

Levi has begun saying CHEEESE when you take his picture and then he'll clap for himself lol.
Well here is B copying him, caught her in mid clap/hurray.

They rented out a gym at the church for the after party.  Carol, Emily and Tiff put all the decor and food together and it turned out perfect.

Grams and Pops gift of the family tree, this was soooo cool I thought!

They had half the gym blocked off so the kids could play, and play they did!!!

Roy and Lyn are Grams and Pops best friends from England.  It just happened to be their 40th Anniversary this month too.  Every two years they switch off going overseas and visiting each other.  Roy and Lyn own a coach and do tours, apparently Grams and Pops got on that coach by mistake 25 years ago and they have been friends ever since!  Lyn was so incredibly thankful for the party.  She told me she cried when she walked in and that nobody's ever done anything like this for them before.  Bless her heart she deserves it.

I die for Emily's outfit.....Color block, grey, leopard=LOVE!

Randy loves karaoke and hired his friend to host a karaoke night for us.

The twins dressed as twins by mistake...Carol was beaming from ear to ear with flashbacks 20 something year ago.
17 1/2 weeks!

Aunt Carol, Chloe, Brielle and Landon

Landon singing what he sings best...The Dance.
I'm just in love with the way he sings that song! 

Can't even tell you how long these two have been friends, but it's forever!

I was cracking up at Trent practicing his songs before he went up for his performance.

Dancing with his daughter


Grams singing Amazing Grace, just beautiful! She gave the sweetest speech about how she was so incredibly proud of us all and who beautiful and good looking she thought all her family was.  Poppy even had tears in his eyes.  I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing group of people to call family!

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