Friday, February 1, 2013

First Timester

To my surprise my Dr does a sono the first, second and third trimester.  My last one did a 20 week one and that's it!  I was a little leery because I just don't like stuff like this, if it's not necessary whats the point of exposing the baby that many times(even though they say it's "safe")  I read up more on why they might do a early one and I did like the idea of checking the nasal bone and the fluid behind the neck to make sure everything looked ok early on.  Also we got a sneak peak at what it might be!!!

  I was 14weeks and 4 days. It's so fun the second time cause you know exactly what your looking at. As soon as I saw it the Sono Tech and I were like YEP! that's a _____.  She even began to type it out......until she started looking a bit more and then we were both like "well heck now we don't know"  She said she wasn't going to call it.  Well by the end of the sono her and I both pretty much decided it was opposite of what we thought the first time lol....she did write out it's a _____.  In conclusion we are not 100%, she told us to not go out and buy anything just yet.We will see in about 4 weeks!  I was however measuring a week ahead, not sure what that means or if it changes my due date but I'm sure Dr. Cummings will decide for sure after my next sono at 20 weeks.
The heart rate averaged about 158.  Brielle's was 166 at my 13 week appointment.  I enjoy listening to that little heartbeat so much, so so much! One of the best sounds ever!

I still can't believe we are doing this again, I just feel so blessed that God decided we were worthy of another child!
I just can't stop starring at the pictures...such a miracle!!!  Beautiful baby!
Love that you can see it's fingers down by the bottom of it's belly. So CUTE!

I'm 16 weeks now and it's time to start taking baby bump pictures.  I started at 16weeks with Brielle and did them every 4 weeks till D day.
 I posted them all on my Myspace as I took them. (lol Myspace, what's that?)
I'm just gonna post them on my blog now except for the 20 week cause I want to see what everyone guesses Ill have!  I never posted my final 20 week pic cause it was my bare belly and nobody wants to see those, but since I have a blog now I will put it on here in the beware : )
Definitely bigger this time around.
I think I look sooo young in that first picture, I was just a baby .......ugh it's sad to get old!!!
I've gained 5lbs so far, not bad...hoping when this is all said and done I don't gain 46lbs like last time! YIKES!
This first trimester has flown by! I'm super glad though cause I don't feel that you need 9 months the second time around, 5 would be good enough for me!

With that said I really love being pregnant, pregnancy is good to me and I am trying to enjoy and soak up every moment since this will be my last.

I'm going to be going back and referencing a lot of stuff from when I was preggo with Brielle.  I didn't start blogging till after she was born so I want to have those memories from my pregnancy with her saved as well.

With B I was really sick and nauseous (never threw up!) from week 7 to 10.  After that everything was smooth sailing. Until the last month of course where nothing is comfortable and it's hard to sleep.
This time around I only had a total of like 4 or 5 really sick nauseous days, awesome!!! I bought preggo pops to relieve the morning sickness but only ended up using one!  With B I would suck on ginger candy to make myself feel better.  By twelve weeks with B my energy was back again, I'm lagging with this one.

 I've had to take quite a few naps but more than that it's just my body being tired, not sleepy, I just have to sit and rest.  I'm totally doing that too.  My first pregnancy I feel that I tried to do to much cause I felt I was being lazy and that the laziness would last forever.  Well now I know better and don't care if I'm being lazy, I have an excuse and if my body says rest, by golly I'm gonna rest (and watch some real housewives while I'm at it!)
I couldn't ask for a better daughter.  I'll tell Brielle that I need a nap so we will head upstairs, I'll put a movie on for her and then I'll snooze in the guest bed which is right next to her playroom.  She is sooo incredibly good.  She doesn't even talk or make noise when she's playing with her toys because shes trying to be so quiet for me, isn't that the sweetest.  I never even asked her to do that. Bless her heart, she's such a joy to have around!

With this pregnancy my blood sugar will drop super fast and I'd have to eat every 3 hours.  I used to feel like that all the time in high school and college, thank goodness not anymore except with pregnancy.  It's gotten better the past couple weeks (I'm 16 week now) but I still have to carry a granola bar around with me just in case I crash.

I haven't had any ongoing cravings except for oranges...that's good right! I eat at least 2 a night but could eat 3 or 4. Landon was awfully proud of himself when he showed up with these the other night lol!

If I do crave stuff but only if I see it, I can't come up with any of my own cravings...
I just steal everyone elses lol!
Saw an Olive Garden commercial the other day....
yup just had to have it!

I've been trying to eat well and finding alternatives to the same ol boring super foods for pregnancy.
If you've never tired's so good and better than soy or rice milk cause it has the added nutrients!

you've heard of pickle pops or pickle flavor sno cones right?

Well how about pickled okra pops!!! Oh it was sooo good!

Most mornings Brielle will wake up around 8:30 now when my mom leaves for work so my mom will bring her downstairs.  Brielle will get herself a spoon, and a yogurt cup, come to my the cabinet door, turn the tv on  and get in bed with me and eat her snack.  Then she'll go get some string cheese, yes string cheese lol.  She just watches her shows happily till I decide to get up.  She will watch two Dora's and an Umizoomi and be done with tv by then, she will turn the tv off herself and tell me to get up cause she wants to do something else. Good girl, she knows she doesn't need that much tv!  Good gosh I sound lazy!  I have such a good baby to let her mom rest.

Since we all opted to not the get flu shot I'm trying to keep it at bay with some home remedies
 and eating well.
On top of all the other food she's already had for breakfast,
 this is what Brielle and I have for breakfast most mornings.

 Hot cereal mixed with honey, cinnamon and half a banana.
(I've read that a teaspoon of raw honey and a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon twice a day can knock out a cold in just a couple of days!  They are both antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal)
Since I like to be in control but not put myself in harms way I found this nifty mask so I could begin painting, our whole stinking house that is!  We are getting new carpet and it would be stupid to paint after we get it right!   So happy to get rid of that ugly mustard mud color!

I didn't think about the lines it would leave on my face and we had to rush off to gymnastics lol!

While I was trying on maternity clothes, I thought it would be fun to let B try the belly lol!

Isn't that just the sweetest thing, her daddy didn't like it much ha!

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