Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 3 Wise Men

Here we are, parents attending a performance at a school that our very own kid will perform in.  How did we get here, she can't be that big!

So thankful these two were here to attend as well.

Little B was one of the 3 wise men.   Gosh darn it, it is the cutest thing when your child plays a character in a play!

You guys she sang so well and so loud, even all the other moms were coming up to me afterwards telling me how well she did.  Her music teacher even told me Brielle was her favorite :) (are they allowed to tell you that ha)  That girl loves to perform

My mother says the most ridiculous things sometimes.  We were all sitting there and she said " look at what that little boy in the red shirt is doing"  UM which one mother?  She was dead serious and didn't know why we couldn't figure out which boy she was talking about. Sigh. 

She was sure to finds us and wave.

Her whole Kindergarten class

Is proud even a big enough word to describe who we felt :)

 We decorated gingerbread houses for the first time, that was not the easiest thing to do even though the box included everything we needed. 

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