Sunday, February 1, 2015

School Christmas Party

My sweetie ready for her Christmas Party.  Don't ask my why they had the Kindergartners wear yellow but they did and I just happened to have this cute reindeer decal I could iron on.  Somehow I managed to make yellow" Christmasy"

I volunteered to do the craft, I had some pictures of fluffy Christmas trees laminated and gave each kid 3 containers of play dough to decorate their tree part is they got to take it home and could do it over and over again.

Oh my goodness, her teachers made each family a Christmas wreath with all our family pictures, it was BEAUTIFUL and I will cherish it always.

Book exchanged time....

We ventured out to Downtown Dallas on a very cold night.  It was so beautiful though and all done up for Christmas.

We just love living in the city.  Afterwards we drove around Highland Park to look at lights, Landon and I enjoy looking at the homes more than the lights haha, For those of you in Amarillo who have never driven through there, It's like Wolflin but on steroids.

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