Friday, February 27, 2015

Christmas Break

After Christmas my sister Kasey and her husband and my nephew dogs left to start their new lives in New York City. We are all so happy and excited for them but oh so sad too.  She's living out her dreams, I told her through tears that she has stupid dreams haha ;)  It was really hard saying bye.  I'm having to learn to let go and that my dream of all of us living in the same city will never be, it's good for me I guess cause it's practice for when my babies leave me.  

We turned to retail therapy to ease our woes. It didn't help much.....

At least my honey bear won't be moving away anytime soon.  She says she's gonna live next door to us and come visit every weekend.  Gosh I hope so! That would be my dream!  I would live on a block with all our families if I could! 

How adorable are our matching vests Kaytie got us last year for Christmas.

Spending a little time at Barnes and Noble on a blistery day.

When did Hason turn 10?!

If you read my blog you know my aunt doesn't like to give the kids any of their gifts along with everyone else.  She always does it in private, she wants all their attention haha.  She got Hason this precious little chair stool and Brielle 3 different containers of kinetic sand. 

This happens when you have a sister....

He also loves to get in the darn drawer of the train table to play, I guess standing up is too much for him haha.  He has managed to break the drawer doing this, that think wasn't made to hold a man's weight ha.

After Christmas we managed to go up and visit our cousins for the day.

They get lots of energy out when they are together.

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