Friday, February 27, 2015

Kornegay Christmas Eve Game Night!

We play lots of games on Christmas Eve.  It's Colombian tradition to wait to open gifts until midnight so we have to find a way to pass the time. 

I brought my left/right box game again... I read the story of the birth of Jesus and everyone had fun figuring out which way was left and right :)  Sherry Ann apparently ended up with no box lol. 

These two, always laughing loudly and joking about something, a couple of squawking chickens! 

Remember what was in the box two years ago!! Still makes me cry reading it. 

Natalie had a clever lazy way of passing her box, close your legs!

Daddy did not want to play and I MADE him, well guess who won the prize, You're welcome!

 Game number two, The broom game.  Mom loves this damn game and I hate it.  I cannot dance and I hate trying, no matter if it's out in a club or with my own family.  I'm so awkward!  It is fun to watch everyone else though.  It's kinda like hot potato.  We pass the broom around and you have to dance with it, whoever has the broom when the music stops is out.

Bless Katie's and Juquita's hearts, I'm not sure they knew what they were in for celebrating Christmas with us, it's a par-tay!

The loser row....

Natalie and Juquita win!

Game 3, good ole musical chairs!  This game gets very dangerous with so many competitive people. Someone or two is always sent flyin.

Pretty sure Kasey this was right before Kasey almost died.  We are all pretty skilled playing in heels I must say!

You see that big blur, that's Landon almost getting murdered by Colton shoving him outta the chair with his big butt!

Mommy's a bit obsessed with Landon so she swooped in to save her golden boy...

 These two were winners so they got panties.  Mommy's prizes are odd.

Game 4 Zubre Zubre,  Natalie introduced us to this game, it's really fun but boy you gotta be on your toes and thinking fast!

White elephant gift exchange time!  One of the things I love most about Christmas with my family is that we don't go overboard on the gifts, they are quite unnecessary and none of us really need anything anyways. We draw names and we give one gift each.  How marvelous is that!  I mean when do you draw the line when you are constantly adding husbands and wives and kids and cousins!  It gets stressful and a little out of hand,   Jesus is the reason for the season people!

Somehow James ended up with some of Derricks old underwear he had accidentally left at my moms last time he stayed there haha.

Derrick's a little slow so naturally it took him a little bit to realize those were his, look at his girlfriend cracking up in the background.  I tell ya he's forgotten underwear at my house too, "keep up with your panties Derrick!"

Sasha wasn't so thrilled about her under wear gift, I don't know why this was mom's theme this year.  One thing to remember about mom is that she may give you a random gift but there is always money attached somewhere, somehow.

Landon's gift was a box that Derrick built himself with beer inside.  Landon loved the beer and I loved the box cause my Dawey made it!  We are all a little smitten by Derrick since he's practically been the only boy in our family until Hason.

I scored a J Crew Necklace and a beanie from Kasey.

Then it was time for the traditional Colombian Christmas Eve song...

Kasey was helping my mom clear out her kitchen the other day when she came across this awkward let's just say it, penis shaped vase.  She about died and mom was offended so she threw it away.  Well not actually, she thought it would be clever to give it to Kasey for Christmas.  Landon enjoyed that gag :) I mean what does any of this have to do with Christmas lol.  We are traditional but so not.

We got home late but had to put out "chocolate milk" and cookies for Santa!

Honey bear can read and write this year so she was able to leave a letter for Santa.
"Dear Santa I have been so good this year"  What a sweetie!! I love how she writes :)

Last year and this year.  Sweet little girl.

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