Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kornegay Family Christmas 2014 Part One

This girl.  I caught her washing her ponies hair, I asked her "B what are you doing?"  "I'm washing my little ponies hair cause it's kinda ratchet" LOL!  That's my girl!

Well we made it to Christmas Eve service but were late and all the seats were taken : / Brielle was heartbroken she couldn't go to church and so was I! We've never missed a Christmas Eve service.

I felt bad for Shern and James since they were our guests.

So we went home and took beautiful pictures of my babies instead. 

I wanna bottle them up and keep them like this forever!

Finally we headed to my moms to celebrate Christmas.  Landon's mom was able to come up and sped the day with us too!  

Katie is Derrick's girlfriend.  They have been together almost a year now.  She looks good in this pic and that's all that matters :)

He's so cuddly that's why we all him cuddles I say!

 He was just lovin on Kasey that night.

He's a giant size kid!

Natalie is the queen of cocktails and wine.  We can count on her to make us something awesome to start the party!

Present time.....

The best gift of the night was her Elsa dress from Uncle Colt and Kasey.  You should have seen her face when she accidentally made it go off and sing.  She squealed and smiled the biggest smile!

Of course Uncle Colt couldn't just get her the dress, he ordered her the wand and crown as well.

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