Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Sister Kasey!

Let me just say that since I am frantically trying to catch up on this blog, there will be more spelling and grammatical mistakes than usual, cause I know I already make a lot when I'm actually trying to be careful ha.

Brielle has been attending Awana for a semester now, she loves it and I love that she loves it.  It was my turn to bring the snacks this particular week.  I love Christmas so I made certain to sign up as snack mom for the holiday.

I am so happy my sister got to come live with us for a few weeks once again this year. She has done this now for 3 years and I'm sad that this will probably be the last time she comes to be with me for such a long period of time.  She is moving to New York, her dream city!! I am thrilled for her because this is her dream, envious cause she's livin the life and doing what she wants, and sad cause I selfishly want her right here with me always.  I'm already having to learn to let go and let people live their own lives, good practice for when my babes leaves someday.  I adore my sister, she is my best friend,  I can tell her anything, we just "get" each other. She's an amazing little person that one.

Kasey and I made a few mall trips while she was here.  Here's this guy throwing one of his fits again....

I may of may not have taken full advantage of having her here and I turned a lot of my mom duties over to her haha, hey it's good practice. She needs to learn the roots.

We took advantage of Kasey being her one night and had a mini impromptu date.

I can't fail to mention our other adopted sister Emily, who so kindly sent Kasey and I this lip liner we had been drooling over! I have been looking everywhere for a super dark lipstick that was still red but almost black (does that make sense) like the one you've seen Khloe Kardashian sporting. We found it at Mac when we all went shopping in Amarillo over Thanksgiving and Emily took note and surprised us with this little gift!   She is one of the most thoughtful women I know.  The color is Night Moth, getcha some! 

(we don't actually have it on here, it's super dark so you would know)

Ready for another mall trip, but first let me take a selfie and a small drink or two :)

I can't take her anywhere.  When I posted this on Instagram everyone said it looked like Abner was printed on Kasey's shirt haha.  I just died, it does!

Landon took the kiddos to this cute little lego play area while we shopped.  He's so good at taking pictures for me when I'm not around..

The guy that owned the shop built all the buildings in there outta legos!  He did the whole city of Dallas.

The Queen B

Afterwards we ate at an amazing restaurant, can't remember the name, in celebration of Landon's bonus this year.

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