Sunday, February 1, 2015

Katie Trail Ice House

Katie Trail Ice house is one of our favorite places to hang out.  We wanted to take my sister while she was here, we knew it would be too cold to sit outside on their fabulous patio but we figured it would still be a cool place to go even indoors.

To our surprise they had heaters at every table and fires going everywhere!  Even blankets at every picnic table for you to sit on and cuddle up with!

We had a couple idiots join us as well :P

After Katie's we went to some bar, can't remember the name but it was fun! They had video games that the boys thoroughly enjoyed and ski ball, which was all free!

We creepily followed this girl around taking pictures of her cause she looked so much like Landon's sister Kaytie lol  

She busted me taking pics while she was playing ski ball, I just told her I was actually taking pics of my husband who just happened to be right beside here lol, that was close!

There were a lot of people dressed in funny costumes and Christmas themes.  This guy informed us that this was his "pug life" shirt HA! Love it!

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