Sunday, February 1, 2015

Abner and Sibling Love

Blog... Diana's Delights?  What's That?  Goodness it's been a while. I normally update my blog when I'm slow at work since I'm on the computer anyways but like you know I work for a weight loss/fitness company and with every one's New Year's resolutions... we have been quite busy as you can imagine. So be prepared for a flood of updates all at once! 

Way back when in December my sister came to stay with me for a few weeks, along with her came Abner and we all LOVE Abner.  Hason especially took fancy to him because of his small size and that kid loves dogs!

Now Landon may not like Abby as much as the rest of us but Abby sure adores Landon...

Does anyone else just love Rosas, mmmm.....

These two melt me 100 times a day!  (they make me nuts 100 times a day too lol)

Be still my heart!

Hason say "ahhhh" as if he just took a delicious drink or bite of something.  That was a yummy kiss!

Little Sir has given himself a chore all on his own...

He is now the dog feeder.

These times are fleeting,  I wish I could hold on.

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