Monday, July 20, 2015

4th of July Parade 2015

Everyone came up for Hason's birthday weekend.  We tried this new (well new to us) bbq place.  It was really good and they had live music which always makes for a nice experience.  Definitely a place to take company who isn't from Texas.

These two, overly enjoying their dessert while not giving us a single bite.

Nonna didn't make it for dinner but she got here right after.

4th of may be my most favorite holiday.  Of course I got the kiddos dress the same.  Hason wore this same outfit last year and I couldn't believe it still fit!   

Nonna helped Brielle decorate her bike for the kids parade while the guys went to a car show Saturday morning. 

Nothing makes me happier than having our whole family in town!

So handsome in his romper.  He didn't know what to think about all this.  He loves fire trucks but they scared him to death when they drove by and ran their sirens.

If Kaytie's in town, it's always a good time.

We enjoyed free hot dogs, lemonade, music and the heat.  Landon, him mom and Brielle stayed behind while the rest of us went back to the house.  I had to get ready for the party!

I was chopping away at the veggies for the shish kabob's but man those onions were getting to me!

No free. I had a plan, onions ain't got nothin on me.  

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