Monday, July 27, 2015

Adults Only and 9 Year Anniversary!

We have had our share of get togethers this summer.  We are still trying to get our Flower Mound Alumi group off the ground and had another casual meet up.  It was really a good time and I loved hearing the stories about how different chapters did their initiations and how big all the pledge classes were and what not.  I couldn't imagine being in a class of 50 to 100.  We had 15 haha.
My sweet new friend Amy, who made all this possible.  She's been working hard to get this group going.

I also thoroughly enjoy my monthly happy hour with my kid less friends :)

My sweet friend Natalie invited us out to meet up with one of Landon's frat brothers we hadn't seen in ages.

Darrell the barrel as I call him, it's been way to long.  The fools are together again.

When I called Natalie to see what she was wearing she said in the most excited voice "Oh my gosh Diana, I look so cute!!!" Then proceeded to tell me about her outfit.  I just died.  It was the cutest thing ever and shouldn't we all feel that good about ourselves and be able to tell others when we feel great!  I just love her! Made my night that she felt so pretty and her outfit was cute, but then again it always is.

I always want a honey butter chicken biscuit at the end of the night.  Landon gives me a hard time but it's half that I'm hungry and half the fact that I just don't want to go home yet.

My sweetheart and I celebrated 9 years of blissful marriage and 15 years together.  I absolutely love being married to this man.  I know everyone says marriage is hard work but so far I just haven't felt like that, I'm sorry I haven't.  I'm not naive enough to think our time will never come but so far so good, it's simple and easy.   Our relationship is harmonious and has always been a joy.  The two most stressful hardest times on our relationship so far have been the first 6 months after each of our babies birth. That was because we didn't get our alone time together and we had to put each other second to take care of a little human.   We really don't fight.  We've probably had 3 real fights in 9 years (I can only think of two but I'm sure there was another one in there somewhere)   He is my rock, my everything and takes such good care of me.   I love him more than anything in this world.  I cherish him and all he does for our family.  I'm so proud to be Mrs. Gann.  He is an amazing man and he's all mine!  We kept it simple this year.  Tried out a new restaurant and then the movies for Jurassic World.  Oh my I cried! It was so good!  I love animals even dinosaurs :)

Next year is the big one O!! So we will more than likely be somewhere tropical!!!

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