Thursday, July 30, 2015


I didn't like church as a kid and dreaded going actually.  I did however love VBS!  It was the best! Except for the cookies at snack time that were always hard and crunchy and this gal likes soft and chewy :)  

Brielle was so excited to go back.  Last year the church we had been attending had vbs for younger kids but this year they did not.  That's ok though cause the year before that Brielle went to vacation bible school at a Lutheran church by our house and she still remembers it and loved it so that's where she went this summer too. 

This year they had a big focus on the earthquake victims in Napal.  The theme was Mt Everest. They had the kids clean out their piggy banks and each day they would put their money in these little elephant pinatas.  So cute!

I stood back behind the window one day and cried.  There's not many things more beautiful to me than seeing people worship, love and praise our Lord...especially little children.  I said a special prayer for everyone in there that day, that they would never lose there fire and love for Jesus.  How wonderful that we have people willing to volunteer, lead and give their time to help grow these baby's faith.  They will never know how thankful I am to them for that.  

My little beauty, she looks young to me here.  

They had a celebration night for all the family's to come together and see what the kids had been doing.  It was so nice, they even served us dinner and only asked for a small donation.  The when Brielle's group go up there to sing and preform I cried again thinking about how blessed we are to live in this country where we can worship freely and our kids can love Jesus freely without fear of being prosecuted!  We are so lucky so very very lucky. 

The choir teacher came up to us afterwards and tried to convince us to start going to church there.  She said Brielle was so great and has so much potential and she wanted her in her class.  That's the second time a choir teacher has said that to us.  We are looking into drama class in the near future for this kid. 

And then there's this picky little S#*%!  Gave him a cookie but don't think for a second he ate a single raisin outta it and that wasn't a plastic table cover either, it was cloth!  He made a nasty mess, I was so embarrassed.  This kid!

Did I mention how lucky I feel to have this life? As my Daddy would say "That's all ya need right there!"

Be still my heart...

Babies praying, is there anything that tugs at your heart more!! I can't hardly stand it when I hear them pray.  Brielle says the sweetest most innocent genuine prayers and Hason just mumbles and repeats a few of the words she say.  Gosh they're so darn cute!

Teaching him how to fold his hands, you can only keep his attention for a second and he was over praying time ha.

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