Thursday, July 23, 2015

Say Yes to the Dress

Well I found my long lost pictures of June so I will be going back to the beginning of June and catching up.
My sister in law Kaytie and her best friend came to town to wedding dress shop.  She invited Emily and I to come along.  You don't even know how excited we were.  It's been over 9 years since we dress shopped :)
First we stopped for brunch a the Meddlesome moth.  I like that name but I don't.

I adore this bridge and this view!

Her soon to be mother in law joined us too.  She was so cute and easy to be around.

Just like we thought every dress looked amazing on her.  She didn't end up finding her dress that day but it was a successful day non the less cause the now knew what she liked and what she didn't.

If Landon and I ever renew our vows this will be my dress! In Love!  But then again we will probably never renew our vows, cause I've seen a trend that seems to be if you renew your vows you get divorced a few years later and I ain't setting us up for failure. 

After dress shopping we needed to regain our strength so what better place than the Galleria right.  We stopped for drinks then the girls got their hair done and Emily & I went shopping.

Checking our the new tasty Louis Vuitton.  I just swoon over the new black handles and trim on these bags!

Andy even found her bridesmaids dress.  Kayite has picked the most beautiful colors for her wedding and she's even letting us all pick out our own dresses!

We had dinner at the Dragon Fly at Zaza Hotel.  If you've never been go!  The perfect night spot for dinner and the food was delish.  I got a split pea risotto, very tasty.

Our waiter was the kindest guy.  He asked what the occasion was and we said wedding dress shopping, so he winks and says "oh a bachelorette party"  Well ok, next thing we know they bring out complimentary dessert and champagne.  How cool is that!  

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