Monday, July 20, 2015

After the Party there's the after party

After the party we swam and had some dinner outside.  It was hot!

Why is Trent mean muggin.

Who's that guy sitting all alone.

I was pretty stoked my uncle came.  He never attends birthday parties so it was a treat to have him there and my mom had been in Colombia for a month and just got back that morning!  

Hason was diggin his gift from Aunt Kaytie and Uncle Zac, AKA the Gammons.

That evening we skipped the fireworks.  I had a feeling it would terrify Hason and we didn't feel like getting out so we had smores instead!

Then Ashleigh introduced us to this super fun game called Heads Up. Get the app and play it.  It's so fun we laughed way to hard at each other.

This is what a hen looks like...

This is what a baby chick looks like...

I don't know what this is...

Oh, and a leach.... 
BAAHAAA! Landon get your mouth off of Zac, awkward. 

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