Sunday, July 26, 2015

Austin Bridal Shower

My cousin Natalie and I hosted a wedding shower for my cousin Derrick's fiance Katie. Phew that was a mouthful.   It was in Austin so my cousin Sasha and I drove there for the weekend together.  Sasha was such a sport, she tolerated my love for gangsta rap the whole way there and back :)  The traffic was annoying as always but we got a little lucky when an ambulance came by.  As soon as it went past us we jumped in behind and let him clear the way for us.  Yes I'm aware this is probably illegal or at least frowned upon but everyone else was doing it too, not that that is a good reason to do anything :P

We made sure to give ourselves time to stop at the San Marcos outlet so we could hit up Victoria Secret.  Then we met Derrick at Chuys.  They had little bible scriptures at the table which I thought was really neat.  I will definitely eat there and support that!

Natalie and I stayed up half the night talking and catching up.  Then we set up the party while the shower girl went out for lunch.  We didn't want her to see anything until it was all set up.

We did a cupcake bar, lots of different toppings all matching the colors of the wedding. 

She had the sweetest friends, I felt like I had known them for years.  It was a small intimate shower but one of the funnest ones I've been to for sure. 

After cupcakes and gifts we played cards for humanity cause, why not haha.  My aunt was such a good sport and we found out she knew more about "things" than we ever would have thought!
Katie cares so much about my cousin Derrick and that means a lot cause he is so special to all of us.  You can tell how excited she is to become a wife.   I'm thrilled for them. They have never even lived together (If you know me you know that makes my heart sing) so this will be a whole new adventure for the both of them, reminds me of Landon and I :)  I'm so proud!

She will be and already is a great addition to our family. 

I sure missed my cuddles while I was gone though.

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