Thursday, July 30, 2015

Home Remodel Preparations

We are so excited to have our home remodeled.  Technically it's all done but since I'm behind on blogging (shocker I know)  and for the sake of the time line in this blog I'm going to type like it isn't  :)
As I was saying, We are so excited!  We have done so much to this house on our own and we are tired so the rest will be done by a contractor.  We are having new wood floors put in downstairs,  new thick baseboards, replace light fixtures, paint and antique kitchen cabinets,  new air conditioner, new water heater, a storm door installed in the front door, plantation shutters for the front of the house (cause I don't want anything blocking the view of our beautiful backyard) and we are tearing down a wall that's quite an eye sore that's part of our stairs and adding a wrought iron staircase.  Phew!   As you can see the kiddos had quite a time with the empty house.

Yay! I've wanted custom cabinets for as long as I can remember!

I'm sure I sound nuts but anytime we hire someone to do something for us (which is very very rarely)  I feel so incredibly bad.  I had a house cleaner come once and felt so sorry for her and silly as if I couldn't clean my house on my own.  I felt spoiled and bratty if that makes any sense.  Even though we pay them it still feels wrong having people do things for me I'm fully capable of doing myself.  That's a hard hard job they have bless their hearts.  I saw how tough it was to rip up those floors.  Someday when I go back to work I'll have to get over the house cleaner thing cause I will have one then for sure.  

We lived with my Dad for two weeks while the grunt work was being done and the home was unlivable.  Hason had a spare room all to himself since he is little and can't sleep if someone else is in the room with him.  We tried putting Brielle in there the first night and he kept calling her name and making her stay awake ha!  My mom was in Colombia the whole month of June so it worked out perfectly for us to stay there, one less person makes it less crammed.  Landon slept in my moms bed, I slept on a matters on the floor next to him, cause I don't share a bed unless it's a queen or king size, I refuse to not sleep well cause we are too close together and my mom has a full size, ain't happening!   Landon and I are a lovey dovey touchy feely couple but not at bedtime.  Bedtime means business... sleep!!!  I hate missing sleep.  

Any who it was kinda annoying living outta two homes with two little ones but then again in a strange way I've always kinda enjoyed  inconveniences like that cause it helps keep us grounded and reminds us that most people in the world don't have a home and have way worst sleeping accommodations that we do, Ya know what I'm sayin?   I did enjoy seeing daddy everyday.  We took him to Market Street Terrace one evening and he loved it, I knew he would... they had okra!  

This is the best place ever, the kids get to play and we can enjoy drinks and live music.

Best of all Veggie plates are only $3.99 and on Tuesdays it's buy one get one free, you know the cheap frugal Gann's love that!  I gotta stop saying we are cheap, such a bad description of us, especially when I think investing in a designer handbag ain't no thang.  I like to pick and choose what we spend good money on and what really isn't worth the expense.  I like to have a balance of used things, sale things and high quality items in my life.  My mom was always like this too.  She would alter her own clothes, trim her own hedges, paint her own house but she was known to drop $100 for a nice well made sweater or pair of shoes from time to time :)  Landon works hard for to be successful and as a stay at home mom and wife I want to help save where I can.  I also try to make sure any shopping or eating out I do is paid for by me and my little paycheck.  

We had some fun dressing up in my grandma's old hats while we were staying at mom's. 
Dinner time in bed....

Oh and since daddy never goes anywhere we took advantage of a couple date nights too.

Days spent out and about to keep the kids busy.  Luckily the process is only supposed to take maybe 3 to 4 weeks.  We can survive!

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