Monday, July 20, 2015

Dentist Day

Brielle had a dentist appointment a couple weeks ago.  I was so nervous for her.  She is not a kid that has to be forced to brush her teeth.  She is very concerned about her oral hygiene and it would have broken my heart if her visit did not go well.  

She's always been a super star at the dentist.  Even her first visit at 3 years old.

Little brother is normally pretty good in public but man he was restless and a bother this particular day.  He wanted to do everything sister was doing which was good for him.  Hopefully when the real day comes it will go smoothly.

Happy to report she got to sign off that she didn't have any cavities! YAY!

She got to pick a prize for a star visit.

I'm so proud to be her mommy.  

After her appointment we killed some time at the park then dropped off little brother so her and I could have a movie date.

We watched Inside Out. I was really cute! I laughed so hard all the way through. 

Then after dinner we went to the park to burn off steam.  Hey if sister has a helmet I wanna helmet...

Gotta keep the pootie safe when crossing the street.  She's such a good dog.  She'll do anything we ask her to.

It wouldn't be a complete trip somewhere without a little pouting...

Haha look at that face.  He was determined to escape the 5 year old.

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