Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bdays and going aways

Finally the last post from our weekend
Sunday we took Grandma out to lunch for her birthday, here she is buying Brielle a little something, this kid loves balls! (I did register to win that $100 gift card by the way!)

We enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home after lunch in our very own pool that Landon and I found in the alley last year cause we're too cheap to buy our own $15.00 pool ha!
Holy Cow, look how crappy our grass looks, no matter how much we water it and fertilize it, it's still dead! We need rain! Everything's burning up around here!

Sunday night Aunt Alpha hosted a going away party for Kaytie, we decided to do a patriotic theme since she's leaving the country, she needs to leave knowing there is nowhere better to live than the USA! HA!

getting crazy with the balloons, Brielle loves balloons, she always points them out at walmart when we go.

kid table, I can't believe B is old enough to sit at a kid table and eat by herself (tear)

Brielle's first tattoo, and her last God help me!

I could not get a picture of this kid sitting still

We bought Kaytie a photo album for her going away present, It had a picture of Eiffel tower on the front which was totally appropriate and we filled it with half full of pictures of family and friends, it's up to her to fill it with pics of the next chapter of her life.

After Kayties party I made a mad dash to On the Border for my friend Kaci's last la dee da dinner before she moves to Arkansas

Everyone's moving away! Maybe it's a sign for us to move on to bigger and better places as well(not to mention greener, less windy and more fun places too!) We'll see, maybe in a year or two! : )

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