Monday, June 13, 2011

A shower fit for a princess

Saturday Landon joined me on a trip to Odessa for my friend Tonya's baby shower. She found out she was having a boy.......only to find out a little while later it was actually a girl!!! She's gonna be the prissyist thing I just know it, and I'm gonna love it!
While I was as the shower Landon played some golf at a nearby golf course he found.

My friend and mom to be Tonya just looked beautiful as always and was wearing heals as usual, a well brought up lady always wear heals to an important event ha! She has been such a blessing in my life. Anyone that knows Tonya knows how she can just light up a room, she has no enemy's and is loved by so many. She has such a sweet spirit and true love for God she makes you want to be a better person!

But hold on, she does have a downfall, she knows EVERYONE and is nice to everyone so trying to walk to class or lunch with her was always a challenge, we would literally stop every 5 seconds to talk to someone, I tell ya that girl would talk to a tree ha, but that's why I love her! She deserves all the happiness in the world!

only a few of the gifts she got

The trip wouldn't be complete without me getting to see the main branch of the Bank!

Landon checking out the new baseball field, it was pretty sweet!

For some reason I never knew this existed.....

George Bush bedroom as a little boy

His kitchen, look at the old fashioned high chair, there weren't any straps either to hold the kid in!

Nothing in the house actually belonged to the Bush family but the people who did the decorating were allowed to study the family's photos for many years so everything you see is an exact duplicate down to the colors and even material and wallpaper patterns, pretty cool!

I wanted a picture taken in this spot because in a lot of the photos taken of Bush when he lived here were in this spot as well

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