Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our weekend part 1

I do believe we are the busiest beavers in the world, there is not a weekend and barely a weeknight we don't have something to do or going on, however we do love to go, go, go, we love to spend time with our friends and family and be outside! This will be the first of 3 post because our weekend was crazy!

Thursday morning I took Brielle to the discovery center and she made a crown, it was so precious to see her put the stickers on and color it.

Kaytie came over Thursday night to babysit while Landon and I went on a date.

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants Macaroni Joes and watched Hangover II

Friday at lunch Landon's bank held a customer appreciation day complete with hot dogs and snow cones!!!

Of course since it was outside Crystal and I had to bring our dogs and embarrass the guys!

Friday night Aunt Kitty stayed the night because one of Landon's customers got us tickets to a fundraising event and then Saturday morning we were headed out at 6:00am to a baby shower in Odessa.

Melodie and Andrew our hosts

Annual pig race and here's one of the piggys trying to escape

Isn't this horrible! ha!

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