Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cruise Fun, Post #1

This was the foyer in our first hotel, by first I mean that Expedia didn't send in our reservations and the hotel was overbooked! We were pretty scared cause south beach ended up being a lot more ghetto than we expected.

Luckly the hotel next door had rooms opened, it was super nice and owned by diesel

we even got to pick a themed room, it was ADORABLE!

The wallpaper was velvet! I love velvety wall paper, one day my dream house will have it!

Perfect night for eating Alfresco

We got a free bottle of wine for staying and eating at our hotels restaurant, they are all so competitive down there

I made some friends

They had some super cute boutiques

The ocean at night

Our hotel from the outside

Chi Omega bar! haha I wish, it was right next door to Dash...how convenient!

Can't even tell you how stinking excited I was, we drove by every chance we got too just in case they were there filming!

Madonnas home away from home

Apparently Michael Jackson's yacht

Gloria Estefan's home

Cargo coming in from all over into Miami

Arriving at the port and seeing our ship for the first time!

you waited in a line like this to board the boat, considering we had to load almost 2,000 people it only took about 20 minutes and the line never stopped moving which is fantastic for someone who gets bored very easily like me!

This is where you get your key/card, it gets you into your room, on and off the boat and it's what you charge all your activities and drinks to, then you went to the second floor to enter the boat, the first impression was soooo cool, it was beautiful!

We're not first time cruisers!

Elevator area, I don't know what I expected but I didn't expect the ship to be this pretty and fancy, it was like titanic!

Water park, wish it was a brighter picture

The very back of the boat, adults only section


It's pool time, we spent a lot of time here!

Holy Cow these were the biggest boxes of cigarettes I've ever seen, I think there were 400 in a box!

Giant sized liquor, I think the Crown was $65, not bad for something that big!

Every night for dinner they sat us at the same table with the same couples all our age which was really neat. The menu had a lot of yummy sounding food and a section that said "something you always wanted to try but haven't" so Landon and I tried to get that item as an appetizer every night
these are snails, not bad at all, kinda tasted and felt like mushrooms ha!

This was duck, it was sooo tender and tasty!

They cleaned our rooms twice a day, once in the morning and once while we were at dinner. I loved coming back to the room to see what kind of animal towel we would get next! This is supposed to be a bulldog, looks more like a pig to me.

This is the beautiful room where they had all their Vegas style shows, the curtains were so pretty and sparkly, I want some for my house ha!

I can't sing, I can't dance and I can't act but boy after seeing how much fun these people had doing these shows every night, I wish I could. I totally want to be a performer on a cruise ship, Landon felt the same way, what a fun job!

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