Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bikes and A Congrats!

Brielle's first bike ride!!

Apparently I have a juniors bike and B's new bike seat wouldn't fit on mine so I was sad I didn't get to sit with her, But on the flip side I got to see her reactions and her face the whole time, it was sooo cute!

We looked everywhere for a helmet that would fit her, not any for 2 and under but this one fit pretty good, it's better than nothing

My middle sister Sherry Ann got a promotion at work and we are sooo very proud of her so we took her out to Ruby's to celebrate,
Look who we found partying on the patio! Aunt Kaytie and B showing us some moves

Some of the funniest girls I know!

Brielle clapping to the band, she loves music!

Love this cake, probably gonna get Brielles for her second b'day from the same place!

Proud sisters of our sister!

Kasey and Colt, well kinda

Somebody had learned how to buckle things and when she sees one on a high chair, stroller or bike helmet all she wants to do is buckle it....but she can't unbuckle it so every 5 seconds she saying "please! please! help! help! Thank you!" Just a little annoying to mom and dad

But it's so gosh darn cute how proud she is of herself for figuring it out
every time ha!

I had to write about bedtime so I don't forget the funny things she has started doing,
This is our bedtime routine, read a book and drink some milk, then she runs over to the changing table and throws her bottle up there (you can see it splattering everywhere if you look real close) apparently she chewed the end off, we were wanting to stop giving her a bottle at night cause she drinks from a straw any other time but until we start potty training I guess it's not a big deal. I would like to start potty training soon but we have a trip coming up and then another 4 weeks after that so I think we will start as soon as we get back from Houston in August! Cross our fingers!

Then we run over and fall into our ginormous teddy bears lap, she kisses him and says "love you and night night"....

and sometimes she shakes his hand and says hi or points out and says "ears, nose, eye"...... haha she has started calling her teddy bears bubba, don't know where she got that from

She loves to play a game we learned at the library called "go to sleep, wake up" and that is all you do, lay your head down and then jump up real quick haha, but she loves it! Here she is going to sleep on dada


Oh how she loves balls!

she recently started trying to dribble...

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