Friday, June 3, 2011

Just life

Nothing exciting going on this week, just life....

OH how I love them toes!

His girls

Watermelon popsicles yum!

Kasey came over and her, Landon and I did a P90X together (if I don't have someone to laugh with me and keep me entertained, I just can't work out, I get soooo bored!) It was suppose to hail so Landon moved her car up next to the garage cause the wind was blowing everything away from the house. Well when she tries to leave she gets it stuck HAHA!( nobody's in the car in this picture so Neely is in no danger, I always hold both my babies if people pull in or out of the driveway while we are outside to make sure nobody gets hurt!)

Here's the Genius!

and her beautiful artwork on our driveway ha

enjoying a lazy summer in 90 mile an hour wind! Why do I choose to live somewhere it's so windy!

This has been the usual the past couple of days, she has been sick and has been super cranky and whiny lately. I think her big teeth may be coming in but it's hard to tell when she won't cooperate, she never made a peep with her other teeth so I guess we had this coming. Or maybe my sweet little baby is hitting the terrible twos?! I hope not cause if this goes on for much longer she will not be getting a brother or sister, mom can't handle chaos very well!

Cousin Derrick made a surprise visit to A town this week

Oh how I love frazzle berry, I could eat it everyday!

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