Saturday, June 25, 2011

keeping up with Kaytie!

Last week Khara and I went and got Pedi's together

and here's the best salon owner in Amarillo!!! Go see her at "A new beginning salon" We promise she won't talk about you in Chinese!

Mine has lasted almost two weeks now and it still looks great, even after walking on the beach with rough sand and shells, riding in boats and being at the pool everyday on our cruise!

Giving dada his fathers day gift early since we would be out of town on fathers day, He loves those dri fit nike tees so that's what we got him. His bday presents and Anniversary presents were quite nice this year so this girl had no money left ha!
Thanks for being the wonderful dad you are Landon, Brielle is so blessed to have a daddy that adores her and loves her so very much! Thank you for all you do and for taking such good care of us! I love you with all my heart!

Neely showing her appreciation as well.

Friday night we had another going away party for Kaytie with the other side of the family, complete with pizza, cupcakes and dancing (Brielle loved that!)

What are we gonna do without our Kaytie!!! Who's gonna make us laugh!
Farewell Kaytie! We will miss you dearly! We are so excited for you though, take in every minute of this experience!

Aunt Carol and Grams lead the way in the dancing competition!

Next up was the Gann Clann

I love how much the too love each other!

HUMMMM, who do I want to kiss?

Poppy wins the kiss!

nap time already aunt Kaytie?!

She looks like she's up to something here haha!

Love you long time!

I could eat those toes!

I love how Brielle is holding on to Landon's leg cause she wants to dance with him!

Bust a move!

Saturday we went to Brielle's friend Elliot's Birthday party, she wasn't so sure about playing in the pool with the big kids.

Oh no dad, it's already starting!

The adorable birthday boy!

My dear friend shannon

The adorable fireman cake

B loved her party favor, she called it a helmet haha!

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