Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cruise Fun, Post #2

This was a Mongolian meal, you got to pick your veggies and sauce and they would cook it there in front of you

Of course we had to get clams and mussels in ours! They weren't bad

Happy boy!

Oh how I loved my hat!!!! I think it annoyed everyone else, it was so massive and obnoxious that's all they could see and Landon as well cause that's all I could take about and I was so concerned I was going to lose it! Talk about ruining my trip ha, luckily it made it safely home with me!

Holy cow this was soooo fun, it was like one giant slip and slide!

We ported at an Army base in Key West and these little trolleys picked us up, gave a short tour and took us into town. (it was a jeep they made look like a train, so cute.)

The southern most house in the United States

There were chickens everywhere, I just ate that up cause I love animals and wished we had them running around here!

Cute little church and that was such a beautiful tree

Key west was the hottest most humid place of the whole trip, we had to keep stopping to get napkins so I could wipe off my face and Landon could wipe my back, I was just dripping, my outfit was soaked! Gross I know!

Elegant night on the ship, we dressed up super nice(except landon didn't want to pack a sports coat cause it took up too much room and it was hot) but a lot of people didn't, lots wore regular sun dresses which was weird to me cause any opportunity to get super fancy I'm taking!

Fried alligator, like everyone says....tastes like chicken!

oh my gosh the lobster was sooo delish, I had two!

The break dancers were awesome, what a cool job to have, and their parents thought they'd never amount to anything all those years they were dancing and not doing homework ha!

The inside of the ship was breathtaking! Or maybe it's that we don't get out that much but we were really impressed with everything and everyone, such a great staff on the ship too!

just breathtaking, it looked like it sank right into the water

Scorpion sporting Landon's sunglasses, I'm going to start doing this when people stay at my house!

With 2,000 people on the boat somehow we managed to get a hot tub all to ourselves!

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