Sunday, June 5, 2011

We started off the weekend at Greenways annual garage sale and the hit up the pool, I'm thinking this will be our routine on Saturdays!

Nacho time!

Omg she got messy, all over her swimsuit too which made me a little crazy but I went with it

Getting ready to run errands

somebody hit the jackpot at walmart

Snow Cone time! Landon only looks like he hates his life in this picture,it's not true haha

Eskies love getting sno cones too!

B's first snow cone, I had them make it with no top and only half the syrup they would typically use, she'd never know the difference.

Church Sunday morning

Mimi found us after church for a big wet kiss

We celebrated Poppy's birthday Sunday after church at Rudy's

Birthday boy opening his cards, Landon's was rather inappropriate

Crazy Uncle Lin trying to steel a kiss

Sunday night Grandma had us over for homemade ice cream, oh my gosh it's my favorite, I had 2 bowls full and took a ton home that I'm not planning on sharing with anyone!

New doll from Grandma

it's always bubble time

I love this Lady sooo much, she reminds me of my grandma

Gannpa had sooo much fun with the doll too!

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