Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brielle's 2nd Birthday Party

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

(Beware, major picture overload!)

The Birthday girl herself!

Isn't that the cutest little ruffled bottom you've ever seen! I sure do think so!

She's been waiting for the moment she got to blow out her candle!

She didn't even have any cake because all she asks for all day long are cupcakes. You'd think that was all I fed her! I think she believes any sweet pastry is called a cupcake.

Saige, my prom date!

My Aunt and Cousins, they all showed up in purple but didn't plan it that way at all! Ha, they looked super cute though!

It's present opening time!

Randy and Teresa skyped Kaytie and Ashleigh while at the party, I was so excited they got to be a part of our day even though they couldn't be there in person!

Here is Kaytie getting to peak in, Brielle was tickled!
We got Kaytie's and Jake's gift in the mail this week and we are waiting till Sunday so we can skype and she can watch her open it, I can't wait!

My boss surprised me by sending a card with Kasey for Brielle to open. Inside was a picture of a coat we had ordered for the store but not yet received, it was her gift to Brielle. I am soooo very blessed to work for such good people!

Isn't it adorable!

Aunt Kitty personalized B's gift wrap. Kasey's nickname for her is "Little Boo" or "Littlest"

Beautiful faux fur vest from Aunt Kitty

Here we are opening Brielle's gift from her Uncle Colton who is in Iraq right now.
I couldn't even read past the first sentence without crying! (I finished it later when no one was around)

She loved her new baby. It's so adorable, when you put the bottle in it's mouth it makes little sucking noises, moves it's mouth and blinks it's eyes!

Grandma Dorothy knew exactly what to give her! Brielle loves her new Bevo!

They shouldn't be thinking this hard, it's a birthday party!

Who invited the weirdo in the tent?!

AUSTIN side of the family

GANN side of the family

KORNEGAY side of the family (minus daddy, he got tired and went home early)

Nobody appreciates a lion on their shoulder. We gave her so much heck that that ugly funny looking lion looks just like her chihuahua Abner haha!

My Beautiful sisters and cousins

Kasey practically tackling B trying to get her to sit still and take a picture with her!

We felt very blessed that Aunt Natty was here from Italy to join in the fun!

James really wanted that last pink balloon. Real cool man!

Trent helping clean up.

Time to let the balloons go. This picture melts my heart!

Brielle didn't understand the concept of "let go", so she just held on and said "WWWWEEEEEE" as they drug her along haha!

Daddy's girl!
I loved them from the first time I saw them, him 11 years ago and her 2 years ago!

Jam packed!

And here is that beautiful note. (this is not Colt's handwriting, but he did send Kasey what he wanted her to write on the bag, you can tell because she used the first "your" wrong and Colt would never do that ha!)

She went straight home to play with her baby

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