Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brielle's toys

Brielle has really started taking more interest in her toys especially her stuffed animals and babies.

Violet, this is the cutest toy because it you can program it to say your child's name, favorite food, favorite song and color. Brielle is finally old enough now that she has started interacting with it and copying things it says.

Brielle got these blocks last year from her Aunt Kaytie. She has really taken an interest in them lately (funny the things they choose to like when they do)She enjoys building "towers" and "bridges" she says. I hear from teachers that this type of pattern she is putting together in the picture below has something to do with math, whatever it is it's something smart she is doing ha!

Look how coordinated she is to have built up such a tall tower! Be impressed!
Ok, we may have helped her with this one a little haha!

This is the "up to no good" look she gives us every time before she knocks her blocks over.

Best part, knocking it down!

Brielle you are obsessed with Desitin!

I have been finding it on everything now a days!

Wouldn't want Minnie to get a rash!ha!

Have ya'll met bubba, He is one of the first stuffed animals Brielle has really loved, she sleeps with him at night. My cousin Gineth gave him to Brielle before she was born so I love him too cause it reminds me of her.

Needless to say Bubba has endured some abuse, apparently Brielle likes to pull his hair out of the top of his head at night with her teeth! Poor Bubba!

Had to throw this picture in there, everything's a moment around here! Our first band aid. Brielle went through a clumsy streak where she was tripping and falling all the time, she tore open her knee twice in one week, it was pretty bad bless her heart!

If there is a hat to be worn, this girl will wear it!

Since we can't go to the pool anymore we'll bring a part of the pool indoors

She likes us to wrap her up in a blanket, call her baby and just rock her, I just eat this up cause she doesn't let me cuddle her very often.

I love forever, I like you for always as long as I'm living my baby you'll be!

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  1. I'm so glad she likes her blocks! She looks like such a big girl with her hair like that... and I forgot all about Bubba! haha!


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