Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Part Two Hook'em Horns!

After all the football excitetment we went by SMU to find our sorority and fraternity houses. I don't think they have Sigma Nu's but we did find Chi Omega, don't know if you know this but it's the biggest women's organization in the United States so naturally any big college is going to have us!

We decided this is where Brielle is going to go and live so we need donations from the grandparents asap! haha!

I got to mark one of my items off my bucket list as well this weekend......

I had no idea they had such a big menu with soooo many different types of food to choose from!

Heaven right there, apple, cinnamon, caramel!

Landon got the Hersheys cheesecake, just a whole lot of chocolate!

We ended the night at a little bar...I loved it because there was no smoking (come on Amarillo and pass this law!) and they allowed dogs! Landon wants this in his backyard someday

We made it home and it was time to pick up this cutie from Gannpa and Gigi (they don't normally wear matching clothes, these are their bowling league shirts in case you were wondering)

Oh how I missed this girl, she looks so big after 2 days!

Together again!

And oh how I missed our other girl too!

Sisters happy to be back together!

After we got home from Dallas I get a suspicious phone call from my mom asking us to come over...I thought my grandpa who is in Colombia had flown into town. Well when I get there it's only my aunt, uncle and cousin sasha, weird that they would be there and when I walked in I said "this is it?" haha they were like "we aren't enough!?"

Well, about 5 minutes later my cousin Natalie peaks her head around the corner and I just scream out "is that Natalie!" "Is that NATALIE!" (she's been working in Italy) I can't see very good even though my eye prescription isn't bad and it doesn't help that we all look so much alike we even get mixed up sometimes (the boys have been know to have patted the wrong girls behind from time to time HA!).....I thought it might have been Kasey I was seeing! Nope it was Natalie! She surprised us all and will be in town till the end of November, that means she gets to spend Brielle's Birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with us!!!!!!

Oh and Critter aka Trent was back too! Here's little B with her aunt and uncle!

Finally, we made it home and got to snuggle a bit. Little b was upset and didn't want to go to her own bed. Even though she had a blast with her grandparents she didn't want us leaving her sight once we got home. (yup that's a bottle, every once and a while I'll bust it out when she's upset and needs something warm to drink to soothe her, you can't drink out of a straw laying down now can you)

I'm so glad to be home but sad that Landon has to go back to work! I love spending all my time with him, he's my bestest friend and after a long weekend together I literally get sick to my stomach about not getting to be with him all day.

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  1. What a FUN Dallas weekend! When we lived there OU/TX weekend was always so crazy but fun!! Um, isn't Cheesecake Factory awesome? It makes me sick I had that at my fingertips any time I wanted it and now it's so far away! :). We are driving there tomorrow for the weekend and I can't WAIT!


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