Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kardashian party

So my family is pretty much obsessed with the Kardashians, I love their clothes, hair, makeup, nail polish(I always watch to see what color their nails are painted and then I go buy the same one haha)! They make me laugh and remind me a lot of my family! I love how silly they can get and not even care!

I think the Kardashians, Jessica Simpson(the skinnier one, she's kinda let herself go now a days) and Rachel Zoe are the best dressed people in the world so I try to copy them as much as possible!

We had a Kardashian wedding night at my house, poor Trent was such a good sport hanging out with all of us (he was totally bored though ha)

Natalie and Trent brought us all back gifts from Italy! So super thoughtful of them!
I got a delicious bottle of Italian red wine!

Brielle was thrilled with her gift! I can't wait for her birthday! Having a kid is like getting to relive your own childhood all over again! I just love watching her get all excited about stuff!

Telling us about his nose


She actually held her lion up, smiled real big and said "cheese" without me even asking her!

Kasey and Sasha opening their gifts

A special present just for Landon

You know, if everyone except one person looks good in the picture why should I not post it. Not my fault he fell asleep! haha!

We received a special package in the mail this week. Cousin Levi (and aunt Emily & uncle Trent)sent Brielle balloons to use at her Birthday party, a super cute kit with a notepad, stickers and other cute stuff with owls on it(I'm keeping that for myself!), some adorable skinny jeans and super cute top...look a the ruffles on the sleeves!

And best of all Levi's one year birthday invite! I can't believe he is one! Let the fun begin! (Isn't this a clever picture, too cute!)

Look what somebody decide to do during her nap yesterday! Can you tell everything is soaked!!! Good thing Gigi bought her some new pj's this past weekend that snaps in the crotch, that's what she's wearing from now on!

On a cuter note, Brielle has started putting her little hand up to her face or against her cheek when she points at something. It's just the cutest thing ever to Landon and I and I'm soooo thrilled I caught a picture of it!

I just had to get a picture of Brielle in one of her Halloween outfits

Watching the Rangers game........

and eating some snacks(she looks like she's doing something wrong ha)

There's that pointing thing again! Oh I could just eat her! I fall in love with this girl over and over again!

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