Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hot Air Balloons

Friday night Landon's bank hosted "GLOW" at the Discovery Center. It's where they blow up and light up hot air balloons but don't actually take off. So neat!

Me, Melissa and Khara, it was wear your tan night I guess ha!

Landon working hard as the balloon blower upper

Not a better place to work or bank if you ask me!

So beautiful! When Brielle saw the flame lighting up the balloon she said "Happy Birhtday" and started acting like she wanted to blow it out like a candle haha! To precious!

She loves her some Kole

Since Landon was on the balloon crew we got to skip up to the front of the line, good thing cause they handed out balloons from 6 to 8:30.....That's a lot of balloons...and kids, the line was soooo long and never stopped.
My friend Khara told her kids they were out so she didn't have to stand in that horrible line! HA Smart girl!

She totally stole someones popcorn, the girl loves to eat!

The next morning Landon took Brielle (I went to a supposedly awesome garage sale, that was a bust so I met up with them later)to watch the balloons take off.

Isn't the ladybug just the cutest! If I had a hot air balloon it wouldn't be one of the regular ones you always see, It would be a fancy one for sure!

She thought the balloons were so neat, she called the ladybug a "yaybug"...I just want to squeeze her for that!

My long time friend Shannon

Hugging her friend Lilly. Brielle has started showing more affection to her friends, she remembers their names now and gets excited when she sees them, so adorable!

Loving on that Dada of hers

Little B and her sweet Nonna

After the balloons we headed to Tascosa High School for the annual all you can eat pancakes!
I was expecting super long lines but it wasn't bad at all even though there were a ton of people there.

She's ready!


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